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Introducing WFIM Interactive Webinar October 30, 2020

To our WFIM Community

2020 has presented all of us with unexpected challenges and changes in our lives brought on from this pandemic.  It is in these times we need to reflect on what is most important to our lives, support and connect with each other.  WFIM is committed to support and empower our community with tips, tools and best practices that can help us thrive with Emotional Wellness in our everyday lives.

Join us for our FIRST Webinar Interactive Series and celebrate National Emotional Wellness Month with 4 Exceptional Speakers, that are Emotional Wellness Experts & Practitioners who will inspire our personal development and teach us valuable practices to live with Emotional Wellness Everyday! Register now for our Interactive Webinar Session!  * Early Bird Pricing available until October 23. **Ticket Sales proceeds will be donated to OMA:  WFIM is working directly with the OMA which represents the Ontario Physicians and supports the Ontario Doctors Front-line Covid-19 efforts. Funds raised will be used to provide the resources needed to fight Covid-19 and stay healthy and safe! 

WFIM Supports National Emotional Wellness Month!

INTRODUCING!! WFIM Interactive Webinar Session

Topic – Emotional Wellness.. to be your Best Everyday!
Watch, Practice, Listen and Learn valuable methods from 4 Guest Experts & Practioners
ThursdayOctober 30 - 12 noon – 1:00pm

Guest Expert

Janine Mosley

Topic: Office Chair Yoga

Janine will lead us through a series of “Office Chair Yoga” moves and sequences helping you to reap the benefits throughout your work day….and be your best everyday! Read More

Guest Expert

John Windisman – Founder of Optimistic Brain

Topic: Mindfulness Meditation

John will teach us how to search inside ourselves to Center Yourself and Soar…. to be your best everyday! Read More

Guest Expert

Richard Morden – Life Transition Coach

Topic: Emotional Freedom Technique – aka: Tapping

Richard will demonstrate and encourage us to discover how body tapping points is an effective technique to achieve desired goals and attain higher states of health and well-being …to be your best everyday! Read More

Guest Practioner & Expert:

Jen James – Founder & CEO of Double J Lifestyle & Admit One Productions Inc.

Topic: The Art of Mindful Storytelling

Jen will teach and empower us how to use the art of mindful storytelling to build confidence, eliminate burnout and strengthen connections …to be your best everyday! Read More


The Ontario Medical Association represents the Ontario physicians (District-11). Their role is to support them with tools & resources to provide the best health care for their patients. Their support starts with the health and wellness of the medical professionals. This is even more critical in these unprecedented times!

Together we grow and thrive! Invite a colleague, friend or family!
As a volunteer led organization, let’s give back while we support, develop and connect to be your best everyday and for each other!  

Link in a bit early so we can chat on-line together and start on time!

For more info contact admin@wfim.ca

Webinar Starts at 12 Noon and Ends at 1 pm   

Please join in a few minutes early to chat with on-line attendees and westart on time! 

with Event Registration Purchase – Retail Value $40

Every Webinar Registration purchase will receive a Unique FREE Sterling Silver Jewelry Gift -Value of $40!

You can wear the precious metal, Sterling Silver everyday, even in the shower!

WFIM and Lia Dariva Jewelry will donate proceeds to OMA charity to support Ontario Doctors Front Line Covid-19 Medical Workers

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