Women in Food Industry Management

WFIM’s 1st International Women’s Day Summit with Seven Exceptional Speakers!

Sue Mah and Lucia Weiler

Speakers: Sue Mah & Lucia Weiler 

Topic: Mindful Eating to Unlock the Power of Food for Health

Healthy eating is more than just the food we eat. It’s about how we eat too. To celebrate Nutrition Month and International Women’s Day, expert Registered Dietitians and Co-Founders of Nutrition for Non-Nutritionists Lucia Weiler and Sue Mah will guide you through an interactive presentation to reflect on your eating habits and translate the science into credible advice. You’ll pick up mindful eating tips to be your best every day. Get ready for a fun, inspiring and engaging session! (Please bring your smartphone for interactive polling.)

Lucia Weiler and Sue Mah are trailblazer Registered Dietitians, recognized experts in nutrition communications and leaders in corporate nutrition training. As Co-Founders of Nutrition for Non-Nutritionists, they share their expertise in nutrition marketing, strategy and regulatory affairs with global food / beverage clients. With a passion for food and science, Lucia and Sue offer inspiring advice to help you unlock the power of nutrition and health! Their upcoming Nutrition for NON-Nutritionsists (n4nn) training course will be held on April 28, 2020 at the University of Toronto. Note: WFIM Members: Register by Jan 31 for a chance to win a cookbook. Special discount for WFIM members – please use Past Course Graduate rate and enter “WFIM” in “Group discount code” box on the registration form, good until March 15th. Visit our site for more information / registration or go to www.n4nn.ca  

Sue Mah, MHSc, RD, PHEc, FDC
Lucia Weiler, BSc, RD, PHEc

Sue@NutritionForNonNutritionists.com     416-997-8721
Lucia@NutritionForNonNutritionists.com   416-985-0537

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