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There is no time like the present to connect and support each other. In times like this, we can tap into what’s important and be and do our best regardless of the situation. The time is now to seize our leadership potential and power within.

Register now for the next phase of our Leadership Webinar Series with this Double Header Event, featuring two exciting speakers! Ticket Sales will continue to be matched by WFIM, with ALL proceeds going to support our front-line medical workers. WFIM is working directly with the OMA Toronto (District-11) which represents the Physicians & supports the front-line medical workers. Funds raised will be used to provide the resources needed to fight covid-19 to stay healthy and safe!

WFIM presents: A Journey to Unlocking the Potential in Your Life and in Your Business!

Webinar: Thursday, June 25, 2020 12 noon to 1:00pm

Speakers: 1st Topic: The Art of Mindful Storytelling… Your Story is Your Identity

Jen James, former VP of Loblaw Co, former Walmart Director. She is a Mindful Reinvention Consultant with a passion for producing film and television. As a dedicated partner, coach and leader, she is passionate about people, team development, optimization, growth mindset and problem solving. Through her work as co-Founder of Admit One Productions and Founder of Double J Lifestyle Consulting and Coaching, she has helped entrepreneurs and businesses manage through change by reinventing, transforming and rebuilding.

Come hear her speak as she shares with you how to powerfully create your identity through your story in “The Art of Mindful Storytelling” Read More

Speakers: 2nd Topic: Creating Business Opportunities in Uncertain Times

Todd Grierson, is the Former Owner & President of Elmira Poultry. Currently he is President of Grierson Consulting and also a successful Serial Entrepreneur & WFIM Member Benefit Partner. With a personal belief that every business problem is an opportunity to learn, improve and develop, he has helped grow a multi-million dollar business through multiple recessions. He launched an innovative start-up business during COVID-19 that is already gaining traction amongst consumers. Come learn as he shares his journey, strategies and experiences to help you identify areas to grow, prepare and improve your business.

Come hear him speak as he inspires you on Creating Business Opportunities in Uncertain Times” Read More


Thursday, June 25, 2020 from 12 noon to 1:00pm:

Speaker #1: Jen James, Former VP of Loblaw, Former Walmart Director, Co- Founder of Admit One Productions and Founder of Double J Lifestyle Consulting and Coaching

Topic: The Art of Mindful Storytelling …. Your Story is Your Identity

With always a focus on growth, culture evolution, excellence and education, come join us as Jen James shares how to create our own unique identity through storytelling.

  • Connect reinvention or business growth to storytelling
  • How to kickstart the next 6 – 18 months
  • Define your path to work-life balance
  • Connect your team in a more meaningful way

Speaker #2: Todd Grierson, President of Grierson Consulting & Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Topic:  Creating Business Opportunities in Uncertain Times

In times like this, it's important to learn from others what worked for them to overcome business challenges. Come join us as Todd shares his insights and key learnings to:

  • Position business for growth
  • Identify where the business opportunities are
  • Launch a business during COVID-19

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The Ontario Medical Association represents the Ontario physicians.  Their role is to support them with tools & resources to provide the best health care for their patients.  Their support starts with the health and wellness of the medical professionals.  This is even more critical in these unprecedented times!

Together we grow and thrive!  Limited seats!  Invite a colleague, friend or family!

As a volunteer led organization, let’s give back while we support, develop and connect to be the best at the table for each other!  
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