Women in Food Industry Management

WFIM presents: A Journey to Unlocking the Potential in Your Life and in Your Business!

Presenter: Todd Grierson, President of Grierson Consulting

With a career spanning 25 years, Todd has extensive work experience across a variety of industries and positions, ranging from the production line to owner. He has a unique perspective of a company, its structure, operations and employees. Unlike many other consultants, he understands the specific needs of your employees and can work directly with your team to address their unique goals and challenges within your business.

As owner and director of Elmira Poultry, Todd led the creation of a vision, mission statement and established core values that guided the company as it grew. He implemented a 15-year strategic plan that offered profit sharing to the employees and created strategic alliances with customers and suppliers. The process improvement team that he led facilitated communications with employees and led to the development of standard operating procedures to fine-tune all company processes.

With measurable performance targets, company sales grew from $29 million to $50 million a year at which time he sold the business to J.D. Sweid Foods for 9 times annual earnings.

Companies of varying size now benefit from Todd’s knowledge and experience with the use of his consulting toolkit and strategic approach that set them on a direct path to reach their true market potential.

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