Women in Food Industry Management

WFIM presents: A Journey to Unlocking the Potential in Your Life and in Your Business!

Presenter: Jen James, Founder of Double J Lifestyle Consulting and Coaching

Jen James is a Mindful Reinvention Consultant with a passion for producing film and television. She is a co-Founder of Admit One Productions and Founder of Double J Lifestyle Consulting and Coaching. Double J helps entrepreneurs and businesses manage through change by reinventing, transforming and rebuilding.

As a dedicated partner, coach and leader, she has spent 20+ years working with companies like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Hudson’s Bay Company, Walmart and most recently, Loblaws. It is clear she is passionate about people, team development, optimization, growth mindset, and problem solving. She is a coach, a lean six sigma, is back in school earning her Mindful teaching certification, and has a long standing mentor program involving several women around the community. In addition she is a member of Lean In Canada and Women in Film and Television, both networking groups to help accelerate opportunities for women in their careers.

As part of her history being a leader, coach, and facilitator she has had the opportunity to strategize, facilitate, design, and implement various types of programs, workshops, and training modules across organizations and teams. These have all had similar focus on growth, culture evolution, excellence, and education.


  • Various Training Programs (Sales and Service Excellence) facilitation across 100+ associates – Sears Canada, 1999-2002
  • Various Training Programs (Sales, Service and Merchandising Standards) facilitation across 80+ assoicates – The Gap, 2002
  • Workshop Design and execution for new Procurement Process – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, 2003
  • Workshop design, facilitation and execution for retail marketing and licensing for Retailers and Entertainment Marketing partners (Marvel, Fox, Dreamworks, Walmart, Sears, HBC etc) – Segal Licensing - 2009
  • Workshop design and execution for Trend and Innovation – Onbrand, 2010-2012
  • Build, design and implement team mentorship program – WalMart, 2012
  • Ambassador and facilitator, Women in Retail Mentorship program – WalMart – 2013-2015
  • Workshop design, facilitation and implementation for Change projects – WalMart – 2014-2015
  • Workshop facilitation, design, and implementation for large clients in Customer experience, Employee Experience and Purpose – Fifth P – 2015-2016

Double J LifeStyle and Admit One Productions

Organization Redesign, Structure Redesign, Process Improvement – Giant Tiger, Loblaws, Metro Inc. – 2017-2020

Ongoing Workshops – Brand 101 and Brand 102, The Art of Mindful Storytelling, Bridging the Gap, Live the Change for Leaders and for

Managers, Workplace Respect – 3 R’s, Are you Ready?

Coaching – one on one coaching and group coaching programs

Mentorship – one on one mentorship program

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